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About MFA

MKALWOGA FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES ( MFA) is registered under the Business Names (Registration) Ordinance (Cap 213) on the 29th November,2010 with registration number 214367. The owner of the business is RESPICIUS KAMUHABWA. The principal place of the business is Forodhani Street, Bakoba Ward, Custom road, Plot no. 193, Bukoba municipal. MKALWOGA FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES is operating under the TAX PAYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (TIN): 111-694-893 issued on 13th January, 2011 with CTIN: 0768637.

MFA offers qualified financial analysis, tax consultancy; business planning and project management services.MFA has complete three years professional experience in providing services to private businesses and public agencies in Kagera region and Dar es Salaam City.


To provide a reliable business, accounting, tax and auditing consultancy services that will enable many businesses to operate successfully.


To be the most competent and qualified general business consultancy firm cutting across East Africa with a reputable big coverage to all targeted clients.

MFA’s Key Success Factors

The following are the identified key success factors

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Specifically dealing with businesses/enterprises, organizations and government departments
  • Competent personnel recruited
  • Being smart in keeping deadlines for completing the assignments
  • Excellent customer care


MFA has the following challenge

  • Obtaining a good number of reliable customers.

Ownership of MFA

MFA is a firm/business owned by RESPICIUS KAMUHABWA with a 100% capital contribution to the business. The owner of the business is also a Managing Director. However, there are 8 people employed in the MKALWOGA FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES who facilitate different duties and tasks.

Management Qualification.

MFA Director has the following academic and professional qualifications.

  • B.com(Hons.) from University of Dar es Salaam; 2009
  • Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPAT)
  • Working with World Vision Tanzania; as a project accountant 2010 – 2011.
  • Working as Auditor at TMC ASSOCIATES; 2011-2011.
  • Working as Financial Accountant at Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology; 2011-2012.
  • Performing my duties as Business, Financial, auditing and Tax consultant at MKALWOGA FINANCIAL ASSOCIATES (MFA). I’m also a Managing Director of MFA to date.